Setting the table
For a better

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Genuine Impact,
Trusted Collaborators

At Rich’s, we believe that making a difference starts from the ground up.

By doing our part as a corporate citizen and mobilizing our associates, neighbors, partners, and customers around common social causes, we strive to gain insights, cultivate understanding, drive collaboration, and empower change in service of the greater good.

Identifying Our Priorities

These seven areas of impact form the backbone of our commitment to an inclusive, sustainable future.

Restoring Our Environment

We all need to do our part to steward the earth’s resources. From our associate-led Living Sustainably Group to supporting organizations that restore aquatic ecosystems to reducing our carbon footprint, we prioritize the health of our planet.

Advancing Education

In working with partners who improve access to quality education, we champion efforts that help individuals reach their potential and families achieve a better quality of life, making for stronger communities and a more equitable world.

Advocating For Equity

In recognition of systemic inequalities, we support causes that prioritize inclusion and remove barriers affecting people of color, women and girls, LGBTQ+ communities, people living with disabilities, and others.

Promoting Human Welfare

Caring about people’s health, safety, and quality of life is central to our values as a company. Whether we’re providing disaster relief or holding garage sales to raise money for cancer research, we show up when our fellow humans need us.

Helping Neighborhoods Thrive

We are only as successful as the communities we serve and call home. That’s why we support the grassroots efforts of our neighbors, who are working on the ground to identify and solve local challenges.

Nourishing Our Neighbors

1 in 10 people are affected by hunger worldwide—many of them in our own backyards. As a food company, we are dedicated to contributing to and initiating efforts that feed those facing undernutrition.

Celebrating Arts & Culture

Creative expression and traditions of heritage add vibrancy, joy, and inspiration to our lives. By supporting those that create, preserve, and celebrate culture, we are helping to promote our collective well-being.