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Introducing prowhip by Rich’s™ Topping Dispenser

ProWhip by Rich’s™ Topping Dispenser provides the perfect fusion of efficiency and creativity, giving you the freedom to think big and whip up your most impressive beverages and desserts yet. With advanced functionality designed for speed and convenience, you can get so much more done in less time while staying on top of the freshest trends.

Flawlessly finished at the touch of a button

dollops that always delight

ProWhip by Rich’s™ Topping Dispenser

How it works

Designed to work with whipping cream and other Rich’s™ liquid toppings, ProWhip by Rich’s™ provides endless opportunities to express your creativity with consistent results every time. From designer dollops and tempting fillings to inventive icings and more, go beyond toppings to create perfectly crafted dishes and drinks with confidence and creativity.



ProWhip by Rich’s™ Topping Dispenser

About Measurements
Model IW20201000, RPCPWP2B
Voltage 100/240VAC, 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption 425W
Volume 500mL
Speed 1-5 Settings
Size 13.0 x 25.0 x 40.0 cm
ProWhip by Rich’s™ Topping Dispenser

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Compact, convenient and so easy to use, ProWhip by Rich’s™ is the ultimate kitchen companion for innovation on the go.

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