Meet Rich’s

We’re a family-owned food company dedicated to inspiring possibilities.
two chefs in the kitchen cooking


Meet Rich’s. We’re a family-owned food company dedicated to inspiring possibilities. From innovative products to hands-on expertise, we bring creative solutions to food industry professionals around the world, helping unlock new possibilities to captivate consumers and grow your business. From foodservice and retail to in-store bakery, deli and prepared foods, among others, our goal is to be your trusted partner, helping you delight customers and stay competitive, no matter where the market moves.


We believe that inspiration can transform a business. We’ve always been a leader in toppings and icings, but today, we’re also a global competitor in categories that span cakes, desserts and bakery products; breads and rolls; pizza and flatbreads; seafood, appetizers and snacks; and gluten-free and plant-based items, to name a few.

What connects these products? A focus on innovation. On quality. On convenience and efficiency. But more than anything, our portfolio is built on a belief that nothing is as important as helping our customers navigate the complex, creative world of food. Paired with on-trend insights and industry expertise, we’ll help you compete in new areas and seize fresh opportunities.