Table Magazine, Fall 2021

A Day of Fun for All

Celebrating Hispanic and community pride at Martin House

With the arrival of National Hispanic Heritage Month, came the opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of Hispanics and Latinos. Martin House, the Frank Lloyd Wright National Historic Landmark was the backdrop for Familia Fun Day on September 19. Featuring dance performances as well as a variety of Latin-American and Hispanic cuisine, the event encouraged attendees to take part in the festivities—recognizing the diversity of the Latino diaspora and learning about the many different cultures that make up the community. Leading the charge were two local organizations: El Batey and Amor and Heritage.

El Batey specializes in the Afro-Puerto Rican tradition of bomba—a percussion-based art that encourages large gatherings and group participation. Amor and Heritage takes a broader approach to Latin dance, teaching various styles of different origins and offering students the option of a personalized curriculum. Despite their different approaches, inclusion is at the heart of what they do.