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Baking Goodness Into Life’s Sweetest Memories

There is nothing like the delicious aroma of fresh baked goods. Homemade breads and sweet treats pulled straight from the oven, warm to the touch. Go ahead, savor the moment…then reach for more.

With a full portfolio of sweet treats and baked goods, Rich’s rises to every occasion with tasty home baked goodness, that even grandma approves! As a leading bakery supplier, we deliver the delicious taste of comfort and convenience that makes you look like a master bakery.

You’re one step away from deliciousness with our wholesale solutions.

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Imagine The Possibilities.

  • Cookie Cravings?

    Rocky road. Oatmeal raisin. Macadamia nut delight. Who knew the secret to warm cookies could be so easy. Whether you crave a wickedly decadent peanut butter cookie, or a good old-fashioned chocolate chip – you won’t find a better, fresher, more delectable cookie anywhere else.
  • Did somebody say donuts?

    Glaze and amaze with our delicious donuts. Prefer powdered? Or a jelly in your belly? We have the sweet treats guaranteed to make your table smile.
  • Oui!

    Savor the taste of our classic Croissants, Streusels and Danish. We combine the the finest laminated flaky doughs and the purest ingredients to create mouthwatering. From our buttery croissants to the filled Pain Au chocolate made with Belgian chocolate, cinnamon swirls, rich creamy custard and tangy apple filling, yes please!
  • Mouthwatering Muffins!

    Even the most discerning palate will be pining for more with our muffins unbeatable texture and freshly baked taste. From traditional blueberry and cinnamon to our decadently filled muffins, our range has something to please every morning craving and afternoon sweet tooth.
  • Keep Your Oven’s On

    The exact origin of the famous French Baguette is not known, or why Ciabatta is exuberant with oversized air pockets, and a robust cracked crust. But we do know that beautifully crafted bread and rolls have been enjoyed for centuries around the world. With our original recipes and freezer to oven technology, Rich’s breads and rolls are your fastest way to warm and authentic.
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Thin and crispy, New York style. Deep dish and doughy, Chicago all the way.
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What is it you really seek when you create? Something that’s never been done before?
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Designing beautiful beverage and blossoming them into a unique experience for your customers.
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At the heart of everyday special moments, holidays and family gatherings are the sweet things that bring us together
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Break a few eggs. Bring in a color, a flavor, no one ever thought to try before.
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