Sweet Times Together

At the heart of everyday special moments, holidays and family gatherings are the sweet things that bring us together. We share these moments to connect and celebrate in a meaningful way. More often than not, desserts and sweet treats make the moment sweeter.

It takes a lot to create a memory, a little bit of art, fantasy and day dreams.  Eggs, flour, rich chocolate and the rest of course, but you’re the secret ingredient—the inspiration to create something divine to satisfy every sweet tooth from decadently rich and sublimely to satisfying creamy, cool ice cream cakes.  Create your specialties with ease using Rich’s portfolio of mixes, cake layers and toppings or plate up ready-to-serve sensations like ice cream cakes, stuffed cookies, brownies, parfaits, cakes, tortes, cheesecakes. We have the wholesale solutions you need – the only difficulty is choosing.

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Our Mantra: Eat Dessert First!

  • Scream for Ice Cream…cake!

    Why choose between ice cream and cake when you can have both? Delicious cake, covered in rich creamy ice cream and topped with pure fun. Delight in every bite.
  • Cheesecake Cravings

    Smooth. Creamy. Perfectly sweet. Say cheesecake. Whether it’s a creamy fruit-infused cheesecake or a decadent chocolate delight, we have the cheesecake variety your consumers crave.
  • Dessert Your Way

    Design daring desserts or dish up loved classics. Let your imagination abound with our portfolio of mixes, cake layers, filling, and finishers. Mix in some efficiency with elegant fully finished sweets. Your business, your way.
  • Make it Memorable

    The creamy dollop that says, “Hello, fun” as it adorns desserts and sweet treats. Top the competition by topping milkshakes, coffee, ice cream, desserts and just about anything with the creamy goodness of ON TOP®. Keep customers coming.
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Thin and crispy, New York style. Deep dish and doughy, Chicago all the way.
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Cake icings
and sweet

What is it you really seek when you create? Something that’s never been done before?
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Beverages &
Finishing Touches

Designing beautiful beverage and blossoming them into a unique experience for your customers.
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Homemade breads and sweet treats pulled straight from the oven, warm to the touch.
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Break a few eggs. Bring in a color, a flavor, no one ever thought to try before.
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