Cake Icings and Sweet Starters

The Sweet Taste of Inspiration

There are so many things that go into the cake you bake: fantasy, imagination, daydreams, and inspiration.  And you’re there in every bite, bringing joy, surprise, comfort and delight.

We master our art so you can master yours. Some of life’s most beautiful moments are celebrated with cake. With 75 years of innovative success, we have the texture, the stability, the versatility and ingenuity to perfect your bakery’s signature creations for infinite special occasions and every indulgence.

What is it you really seek when you create? Something that’s never been done before? Is it in the presentation, or the skill to make it all happen? We’ve got wholesale solutions backed by the answers, support, and dedication you need.

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Feed Your Imagination

  • The Master’s Touch

    Why limit your artistic vision? Make the most of your decorative skills with our full portfolio to enable the most successful cake and icings. Early in our history, we realized bakers and decorators wanted a better way to create show-stopping cakes and desserts to delight their customers. While their icing options may have been limited, their imaginations weren’t. We asked ourselves, what if there was a better way? An easy icing that didn’t compromise on taste or texture — something fluffy, fun and full of possibility. Bettercreme® was born. The perfectly sweet whipped icing™.
  • Color Outside the Lines

    Everything is better in color, why not cake? Vibrant colors and mouthwatering taste can coexist when you have Rich’s Bettercreme®. Make it easy. Make it pop. Pipe the celebration.
  • Flavorful Surprises

    Icing with crunchy cookie crumbles? Yes! Conjure cake creations that simply amaze with our topping and icing specialty flavors. Bring on the bits of delight and summon the seasons with bursting flavor.
  • Whip Up Magic

    Our legacy is your success. Rich’s pioneering non-dairy topping, Whip Topping®, is the perfect start to mind-blowing creations. Looking for the perfect couple? Creamy taste and versatility are just a whip away. From Gold Label® to Grand American®, our world of toppings offers the versatility to free your imagination.
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Driven by commitment and powered by partnership, we’ll help you get to the next level with expert advice from master bakers and decorators and a innovative products designed to inspire your creations. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Thin and crispy, New York style. Deep dish and doughy, Chicago all the way.
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Designing beautiful beverage and blossoming them into a unique experience for your customers.
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At the heart of everyday special moments, holidays and family gatherings are the sweet things that bring us together.
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Homemade breads and sweet treats pulled straight from the oven, warm to the touch.
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Break a few eggs. Bring in a color, a flavor, no one ever thought to try before.
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