Reimagining Equity With Entrepreneurship for All

How a forward-thinking organization is supporting diverse businesses in Buffalo

Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll) is a national nonprofit focused on economic rebirth through the power of “inclusive entrepreneurship,” which it fosters by providing business training, mentorship, and networking opportunities to under-represented individuals.

Rich Products became involved with EforAll shortly after the latter established its Buffalo chapter. In addition to funding from Rich Family Foundation, Rich’s associates serve as mentors and volunteer with EforAll.

“Inclusive entrepreneurship refers to our ongoing, collaborative work to ensure everyone can access the resources and support needed to start and grow their own business,” said Juweria Dahir, executive director at Entrepreneurship for All.

EforAll Buffalo conducts semi-regular pitch contests to give budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to share their business ideas with a supportive audience. Local business and community leaders, including some of Rich’s own associates, serve as judges, with a goal of providing valuable, constructive feedback. At a recent pitch,  judges chose three presenters, while the audience chose a fourth, all receiving some seed funding:

  • Sarah Pearson Collins, Kezia Pearson, and Cephas Pearson, founders of The Race Card, which uses game-like activities to foster conversation around diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Kara Oliver-Perez, founder of Native Pens Collaborative Publishing, which encourages individuals and groups to discover new ways of thinking about diversity, develop anti-racist and social justice frameworks, and create strategies to achieve DEI goals
  • Julie Algubani, owner/CEO of Modesty Marketplace, which provides women with access to high-quality designer clothing that is stylish, comfortable, and modest 
  • QueeNia AsheeMa’at, owner and CEO of QMT Royal Treatment Transportation, which seeks to ensure that of-age children can safely and efficiently get to medical appointments without parents having to miss work

Beyond providing opportunities to emerging entrepreneurs, the experience also benefits Rich’s associates:

“Mentoring for EforAll gives me the opportunity to support, but also learn from, the fearless entrepreneurs in our community,” said Jessica English, external innovation manager.

By investing in these startups, EforAll and Rich’s are amplifying these diverse voices while setting the stage for the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs.

“Rich’s has shown its commitment to building a more equitable and sustainable community, and we’re excited to have them as part of this program. Their expertise, knowledge, and experience will provide invaluable resources to people from traditionally marginalized communities. When those individuals succeed, it expands to the broader community—showing others that entrepreneurship is indeed possible for all.”
—Juweria Dahir, Executive Director at Entrepreneurship for All