Fighting Office Waste With Rich Products

How repurposing furniture can help ensure a sustainable future

Since 1960, the production of furniture has increased from 2.2 million tons annually to more than 12 million tons annually, creating a unique sustainability challenge. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over 80 percent of furniture and furnishings that are thrown out end up in a landfill. Of this total, a large percentage comes from offices. It’s not hard to see why. Expansion, new hires, and renovations all generate the need for new furniture.

As Rich’s has grown over the past 77 years, so has the need for items such as desks, chairs, and office equipment. Not wanting to exacerbate the issue of excess waste, the company came up with a simple solution: furniture donations. 

This past year, in tandem with the redesign of its Buffalo headquarters, Rich’s donated more than 35 tons of furniture, furnishings, and related materials to nonprofits like Ronald McDonald House, Little Portion Friary Homeless Shelter, and FeedMore WNY. This practice allows the nonprofits to keep their funding focused on supporting their mission, rather than racking up expenses on operational costs like furniture.